The Ordo Clan was established in December 12, 2008 which was known to be a period in the Latvian gaming history of mainly pirated games, Pokémon communities, Non-steam game servers and unbeatable professionals who could see and shoot a fly on the other side of map through walls. Ordo was an attempt to create new order and approach to joint gaming. Main idea was a union of gamers which would combine the best assets of both, a clan in the classic sense and a gaming community. Latvian gaming environment was not only in baby diapers – it was also stuck in its development. At the moment majority of its clans were either fickle formations of children or clans consisting of super-ignorant and presumptuous gamers most of whom doesn’t even realize that their only skill is not that of gaming but that of being a bunch of assholes. Because of these kinds of clans there were gamers who played within Steam-ed environment and were looking for a community of gamers they’d like to call their own.


Hence we came to a conclusion that a clan, an organization was needed which would be created on a different basis. We are neither obsessed with proving anyone our skills, or gaining self-confidence through humiliation of others, nor we are to change our belonging to a clan or its label three times a day as a typical pokemon would do. Though we do support the idea of strong clan with people accepted within it based on their humane assets not their doubtful gaming skill which usually is twined by a dose of lack of self-criticism. We want to create a gaming environment which would not consist of a constant struggle with people afflicted by childish notions or poor self-perception, who try and compensate their short-comings in real life by hacking or who approach gaming with an overly serious attitude.


Games and gaming are but simple means of entertainment and socialization. The each and every member of this clan is more than a simple, impersonal alias on the Internet – they have names, faces and, most importantly, they are real people. Many of us are relatives, friends or at least acquainted to other members of the clan in real life. It is so because we believe that being up close and personal to each other is a more successful way to be than being paranoiac about ones identity, or the forever alone attitude. In the end hiding is inane, we all are people of a certain degree of life experience, education, most of us have good jobs, some have important positions in them, many members are students in higher education institutions or, in other words, they are the future of Latvia. Our median age is 26.


What’s a clan? We can tell you that it’s not a house of culture, where dummies from collective farms come and perform a play. A clan is a club, where a membership is a privilege not a way of showing goodwill to the clubs’ owners. There cannot be an absolute democracy within a clan because it’s a certain road to anarchy; therefore, there are rules and hierarchy in a club. Whenever you are a member of a club you should invest your time and work in useful actions. Hence we believe, in all sincerity, that being a part of the Ordo is an honor to the gamer. We do not accept or keep in our ranks people who do not fall within the set standard of personal properties and cognitive function. Our slogan is “Let them hate as long as they fear” or “Oderint dum metuant” in Latin – we don’t care for anyone’s recognition and we live only by our own rules.


The clan functions using the principle of enterprise board. Members of the board offer ideas for the clans development but the clan chooses how to carry out these ideas. Although our philosophy is more corporative than democratic almost all substantial decisions are made by voting. We appreciate dynamic people. The more active one gets the higher they climb. The most active people are also responsible for certain areas of the clans operations. To determine the contribution of each individual member both award and hierarchy systems are being used. The award system is an obeisance for the Steam achievement system – each useful contribution is to be awarded. These awards are something more than just a picture of a specific decoration in each member’s front page. These awards confirm that a member that has received them is an individual who cares not only for his or her but also the clans wellbeing. This also means that a decorated member will be taken into a much bigger consideration than passive members. The same applies for the clans hierarchy – the higher you are in the hierarchy the bigger responsibility and proxy has been bestowed upon you. This is our understanding of good stewardship and playing for fun.


Because of the amount of people, we have in our ranks, different skillsets are at the clans disposal for many tasks, including creation of maps for games, maintaining of the game servers, the continued development of our webpage and other tasks. We are not a Counter-Strike only clan – we have a profusion of people who play the vast array of different popular multi-player games of any genre, it basically means that we don’t have to turn to strangers for a temporary replenishment of ranks for a game, there are always clan members who are ready and willing to partake in desired activities. Each and every month there are tourneys organized by the clan which have the members competing among themselves for fun and rush. We are, at the moment, for a certainty the largest and oldest gaming clan in Latvia.


We are always accepting new members because only through expansion one can develop ever further.

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